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Cartridge filter systems

In the demanding world of industrial filtration, cartridge filter systems play a key role in ensuring the highest filtration quality and operational reliability. Our comprehensive range of filter types, including precoat filters, regenerable microfilters and backwash filters, are designed to meet even the most complex filtration requirements. With their versatile features, these solutions provide unmatched filtration performance that is essential in a wide range of industries. Our products can be used for a variety of processing methods and can be found in a variety of industries.

Thus, our various types of filters in this product category can be designed as compact systems, as centralized systems or as complex systems for large volume flows, including piping design. We would be pleased to offer you an individual solution adapted to your operating conditions.

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Your advantages with a
cartridge filter system

Filtration precision

Our systems are designed to remove even the smallest particles and contaminants from fluids. Superior filtration performance ensures premium purity of process media and protects sensitive equipment components from contamination, resulting in longer service life and improved product quality.


Thanks to innovative designs, our equipment allows quick and easy cleaning or replacement operations, ensuring business continuity. Reduced downtime for maintenance helps maintain production output and minimize total cost of ownership.


Whether in the chemical, pharmaceutical, food processing or other industries, precoat filters, regenerable microfilters and backwash filters are able to adapt to different liquids, temperatures and pressure ranges. Their versatility makes them indispensable tools for precise filtration.

Which cartridge filter system is
suitable for your application

  • Turning/Drilling/Milling
    (Machining Centers)

    Backflush filter RSF

  • Grinding

    Precoat filter AS
    Regenerable microfilter RMF

  • Honing + superfinishing

    Precoat filter AS

  • Cold rolling

    Precoat filter AS

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