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Maintenance & Repair

According to the highest quality standard.



Additional safety through regular service inspections

Whether belt filters, vacuum filters, gas filters or precoat filters – if you have your filter system serviced regularly by us, you ensure that the availability, high productivity and safety of your system are maintained permanently and reliably. The conclusion of an inspection agreement guarantees you the annual inspection of your system with detailed documentation of the results. By identifying causes at an early stage, production downtimes and the associated high follow-up costs can be effectively prevented. Our service technicians work with the latest diagnostic tools and know all FAUDI products very well. If you are interested, we will be happy to provide you with an individual and flexible offer tailored to your needs at any time.

Our services

So that it runs smoothly again

Maximum safety throughout the entire life cycle of your filter system.

  • Recording of the current
    state of the plant

  • Examination of the
    mechanical and electronic

  • Functional check

  • Replacement of defective,
    worn-out and
    preventive parts

  • Setting and checking
    the operating parameters

  • Quality assurance
    through a test run

  • Final reporting

  • Maintenance agreements

Make an appointment for the next maintenance now!

Our qualified service personnel will carry out the maintenance on your premises or by remote control. Prevent unnecessary downtimes of your system today and ensure smooth operation tomorrow!

Your benefits

FAUDI quality promise

  • Proactive avoidance of
    unexpected downtimes

  • High quality execution

  • Ideal matching for
    the intended use

  • Lower service costs and
    higher plant availability