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Scraper conveyors

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Scraper conveyor in grey with FAUDI logo
Scraper conveyor-Rendering

Component parts

conveyors (FKF)

Scraper conveyors can be used in many areas of industry due to their purpose-built construction and robust design.

They are designed for conveying metal chips, scrap, forged, stamped and other small parts as well as for transporting special bulk materials such as chemically aggressive goods or similar.

We offer different models of scraper conveyors. They are different in their design and the conveyor device.

How does a scraper
Conveyor work?

In this design, scraper irons guided in the center are moved in a conveyor trough with the help of two side chains. The scraper bars travel along the bottom of the conveyor, pushing the chips ahead of them until they are ejected.


Z-type conveyors are used to change the conveying level. The chips fall into the conveyor through the feed. The scraper bars drive off the floor and take the chips with them. At a previously defined point, the chips are now conveyed to the target plane at an angle of 45° to max. 60°. Finally, the chips fall out of the conveyor through the ejector.

Straight version

Conveyors of straight type are used to enable linear conveying lines. A chain driven by a gear motor guides the scraper bars along the bottom of the conveyor, transporting the chips to the ejector. This is where the chips fall out of the conveyor.

Benefits: Your advantages
at a glance

  • Material transport over small or large distances
  • Loading and unloading at any point
  • Multiple use in various industrial sectors
  • Transportation of various bulk materials in large quantities

Data and facts


  • Conveying speed

    2-3 m/min

  • Total width

    FKF-63-Z-500: 500 mm
    FKF-38,1-Z-500: 275 mm
    FKF-63-G-500: 500 mm
    FKF-38,1-G-200: 275 mm

  • Total length


  • Motor

    Worm gear motor

Industries: Where they are used


Application areas: How they are used

  • Scraper conveyor in grey with FAUDI logo
    Scraper conveyor-Rendering
  • Scraper conveyor in grey with FAUDI logo
    Scraper conveyor

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