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In the world of filtration, sieve filters play a critical role in maintaining the purity and quality of liquids and gases. Our range of sieve filters, including sieve basket filters, sieve cylinder filters and strainers, are designed to meet even the most demanding filtration and separation requirements. With their ability to efficiently trap contaminants, these products help ensure business continuity and optimize the performance of your equipment.

With our high-quality sieve filter types, we offer you not only products, but also solutions to increase the efficiency, reliability and quality of your filtration processes. Learn more about our sieve basket filters, sieve cylinder filters and strainers to make the right choice for your needs and achieve outstanding filtration performance.

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Precise filtration

Our sieve filters are masters of precise filtration. Whether they are sieve basket filters, sieve cylinder filters or strainers, each of these products is designed to reliably trap particles, sediment and contaminants. This precise filtration not only ensures the purity of your liquids and gases, but also prevents potential damage to sensitive equipment components, resulting in longer equipment life.

Increased operational reliability

Integrating our filters into your systems helps to significantly increase operational reliability. By removing particles that could cause sedimentation, the risk of malfunctions and downtime is minimized. In addition, the ease of maintenance and cleaning of our sieve filters enables time savings in maintenance, which in turn increases overall plant availability.


Our products are extremely versatile and can be used in a wide range of applications. Whether in chemicals, food processing, water treatment or other industries, sieve basket filters, sieve cylinder filters and strainers adapt to the specific requirements of a wide range of processes. Their adaptability makes it possible to efficiently remove impurities in various substances, further improving the quality of your end products.

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