A refinery in the sunset

An automatic filter for
the filtration of nitrogen

Refineries, oil and gas industry

FAUDI Jet Pulse Filters

An Indian petroleum company based in New Delhi uses Jet Pulse filters for the filtration of nitrogen.

Technical data

  • Type of filter

    Jet Pulse Filter

  • Filter medium


  • Filtration fineness

    5 µm

  • Volume flow

    1,070 m³/h

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Project impressions

  • FAUDI Jet Pulse Filter for the filtration of nitrogen
    FAUDI Jet Pulse Filter
  • Jet Pulse filter for the filtration of nitrogen on the blue background
    FAUDI Jet Pulse filter
  • FAUDI Jet Pulse filter close picture
    FAUDI Jet Pulse Filter
  • Filter candles
    Filter candles