Prozess in der Metallverarbeitung: Metall wird bearbeitet, sodass Metallspäne entsteht, die brikettiert werden muss

Briquetting solutions
for metal processing

Solutions for sustainable resource use in metal processing.

Optimize resource utilization through metal processing

For sustainable and economical use of secondary resources and closed production cycles

In all industries where metal processing and machining play a role, waste products such as metal chips and grinding sludge are unavoidable. They can reach a considerable volume – and do not necessarily have to be disposed of. However, through metal processing and the separation of residual oils and emulsions, a large proportion of the waste products can be reused as secondary resources. Our briquetting and screw presses are used for this purpose. With their help, you reduce cost factors in metal processing industries and contribute to sustainable recycling management.


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From waste to recyclable material

This is what our presses do for you in the recycling process of metal processing

Cost efficiency

Processes in metal processing sometimes generate large quantities of waste materials. These products contain valuable raw materials that can be recovered with our solutions. You also reduce disposal costs and the consumption of fresh oil.


By using our solution for the processing of metal chips and grinding sludge, you contribute to production cycles that are as closed as possible. Recycling management benefits not only your company, but also the environment.


Highest plant quality

“Total Cost of Ownership” is an important benchmark for our engineers. Therefore, all our plants are built on the principles of “long lifetime”, “trouble-free operation” and “safety”. In addition, our know-how of many years is applied.

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Rendering unserer Brikettierpresse zur Metallaufbereitung
Rendering unserer Brikettierpresse zur Metallaufbereitung

Faudi Briquetting presses

Our solution for sustainable metal recycling

Our briquetting presses convert residual materials from metalworking into solid briquettes that can be recycled later. A precompression unit and a main press cylinder are used for this purpose. By means of a position control system, our presses ensure that the briquettes have the desired length.

In our briquetting solutions, you can press metal chips of all types and set them to briquette diameters between 60 and 135 mm. We will be happy to find out which configuration is the right one for your application in a personal consultation.

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FAUDI Schneckenpresse 3D
FAUDI Schneckenpresse 3D

Faudi Screw presses

Our solution for dehydrating and de-oiling

Our screw presses are particularly suitable for the pre-dehumidification of residual materials in the metal-processing industries. For example, you can recover emulsions and residual oils and make them usable again. In the second step, the dehumidified waste products can be further processed and recovered in the briquetting press. However, you can also use our screw presses cost-effectively as a stand-alone unit – we will be happy to recommend a solution for your application.

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Fields of application: OUR RECYCLING SOLUTIONS FOR YOU IN use

  • Recyclable material recovery
  • Briquetting of metal chips
  • Dehydration of grinding sludge
  • Recovery of residual oils

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