Cartridge filters

Cartridge filters (C24, C34, C37, C39)

Cartridge filters are a very common type of filter design for use in the filtration of fluids in many areas of industry. The FAUDI cartridge filter series provide a wide variety of cartridge filter versions suitable for numerous applications and filtration system solutions. Depending on the cartridge filter configuration, these filters are used for either surface filtration or depth filtration.
We are able to complement our standard sizes with their welded construction as needed with specially made products tailored to your use case, for example, with custom shapes and dimensions, other levels of filtration fineness and other materials.

Application areas

  • Applications in the chemical, oil, gas, energy & renewable energy industries, life sciences, food & beverages and many other applications
  • Fine and ultra-fine filtration of liquids and gases (water, fuels, solvents, compressed air, etc.)
  • Use as a safety filter or prefilter
  • Protection of compressors, instruments and fittings

Filtration capacity

This depends on the filter size and the filter medium
Filtration capacities from 5 m³/h to 1,500 m³/h for liquids and 50 Am³/h to 20,000 Am³/h are possible.


Cartridge filters

Flexible filter system for liquid and gaseous media.

Data and facts, C24 

  • Filtration fineness: 1 µm –  100 µm
  • Fluids: Aqueous media, hydrocarbons, amines, glycols and gases
  • Filter material: Filter cartridge with/without woven mesh of stainless steel, sintered or ceramic cartridges


Data and facts C34/C37/C39

  • Filtration fineness: 0.3 µm –  100 µm
  • Fluids: Aqueous media, hydrocarbons, amines, glycols and gases
  • Filter material: Filter cartridges, smooth, wounded or pleated, of cellulose, PP, PA, PES, cotton, fibre glass, stainless steel

Your advantages at a glance

  • Robust and user friendly
  • High quality and high contaminant holding capacities
  • Inline version with connections at same height possible
  • For use as pressure or suction filters
  • Double-filter version is possible
  • Cleanable filter cartridge versions available