Precoat filters

Precoat filters (AS, AST, ASG)

Application areas

Do you place the highest demands on filtrate quality, for example for grinding and honing processes, or in finishing, lapping, eroding, pressing and rolling as well as in ultra-fine filtration? Then FAUDI precoat filters are
the best choice for your applications. We offer the following solutions for these purposes:


Precoat filter with wet discharge, Type AS

Conventional precoat filtration with wet discharge. Sludge treatment is accomplished using a secondary filter.

Precoat filter with dry discharge, Type AST

Advantages include the low space requirements; no secondary sludge treatment is necessary. Additional benefits include dry filter cake discharge and the wear-free cartridge.

Electroplating precoat filter, Type ASG

Type ASG precoat filters are ideal for cleaning electroplating baths (acid baths), treatment of salt solutions, electrochemical processing and the treatment of other aggressive media as well as for ultra-fine filtration.

Compact precoat filters

Perfect for disposal from individual machines and/or small machining units, such as in grinding and honing processes.

All of the filter types are also available in a compact design and are an ideal solution for decentralized, space-saving requirements.

Filtration capacity

The filtration capacity depends on the filter size and the filter medium. However, the modular design makes it possible to adapt the filtration capacity from 50 l/min to 20,000 l/min.

The largest German automobile manufacturer has relied on the quality of FAUDI precoat filters for many years.

Data and facts

  • With filter aid (FHM)
  • Filtration fineness: 3 µm
  • Filter surface area per filter dome: 1.5 – 85 m²
  • Filter material: FAUDI cartridges in plastic and stainless steel
  • Medium: Oils, machining emulsion

Your advantages at a glance

  • Highest possible filtration quality
  • Can be used for different processing methods
  • Especially economical for large volumetric flow rates
  • Long service life
  • Compact and durable design