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A solution for the separation of gas bubbles from hydrocarbons

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FAUDI Gas separators Type P54

The filtration task of this project involves the separation of gas bubbles from hydrocarbons. This task had to be solved within the scope of the construction of a new loading facility for a tank farm in Saudi Arabia. Our FAUDI gas separators type P54 are predestined for this task. These were integrated into the loading system upstream of the flow meter in order to separate gas bubbles from the liquid flow and thus to enable correct loading quantity transfer.

technical data

  • Type of filter

    Centrifugal gas separator type P54

  • Filter medium


  • Design pressure

    4.0 bar g

  • Volume flow

    1,500 l/min

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project impressions

Separation of gas bubbles from hydrocarbons
FAUDI gas separator P54