Cooling lubricant filtration in a rolling mill

Our solution for the filtration of oil-water-emulsion

Steel industry

FAUDI vacuum filter systems
type fufav

FAUDI filtration technology is in demand worldwide – The Chinese steel industry also relies on FAUDI vacuum filter systems made in Germany.


Technical data

  • Type of filter

    Two vacuum filters type FUFAV 35,0/25000; one vacuum filter
    type FUFAV 17,0/2500

  • Filter medium



  • Machinig type
  • Volume flow

    40,000 l/min

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Project Impressions

  • One stands next to two vacuum filters
    FAUDI vacuum filter system type FUFAV
  • Two vacuum filters next to each other from the front
    FAUDI vacuum filter type FUFAV
  • Three FAUDI vacuum filters in a row in a production hall
    FAUDI Vacuum filter type FUF
  • Three vacuum filters type FUFAV in an assembly hall
    FAUDI vacuum filter type FUFAV