Three filter cartridges / candles of a compact regenerable microfilter

Regenerable micro-
filters in compact design

Powerful and space-saving solutions.


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Regenerierbarer Mikrofilter kompakte Anlage
Regenerierbarer Mikrofilter kompakte Anlage

Compact filter systems

regenerable microfilter
Compact System

Optimize your production processes with our patented regenerable microfilter – even where space is limited. The compact version of our RMF is ideal for efficient machine-based filtration:

  • Can be used economically for volume flows from 50 l/min,
  • enables filtration without filter aids,
  • Ideal for machine-bound cooling lubricant supply, e.g. for machine tools.

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Regenerable microfilter compact system

Data and facts

  • Filtration fineness

    3 µm

  • Filter area

    2 to 10 m²

  • Volume flow rate

    50 – 350 l/min

  • Fluids

    Oils, machining emulsion

Economical & space-saving



High flexibility

Our compact microfilters are flexible in several respects: Firstly, they are suitable for different fluids and volume flows. The flow rate can be individually adapted thanks to their modular design. Secondly, their compact design makes them ideal for use where space is limited.

Without filter aids

Thanks to the automatic cleaning systems for oil applications of our patented RMF technology, filtration works without filter aids. Regeneration takes place without interrupting the supply. Our compact RMFs therefore offer an alternative to classic precoat filtration.

Economical & ecological

Our compact microfilter systems contribute to closed cycles that are both more economical and more resource-friendly. Thanks to the high quality of our filters, you also achieve high cost-benefit efficiency. Our RMFs need very little maintenance thanks to their filter aid-free filtration.

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FAUDI regenerable microfilters as a compact system - for a machine-based cooling lubricant supply, e.g. of machine tools
Design layout FAUDI regenerable microfilter compact system

Design layout

Regenerable microfilter compact system

The regenerable microfilter compact system consists of the following components:

1. Filter vessel
2. Coolant tank
3. Magnetic separator
4. Centrifuge (secondary treatment)
5. Filter pump

We will be happy to advise you on the right modular design for your application.

How does a regenerable microfilter work?

Are you interested in a FAUDI regenerable microfilter compact system and would like to know how the filter works? We would be happy to give you an insight into the filtration principle.

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Impressions from the use of our compact microfilters

Regenerable microfilter in compact design
Regenerable microfilter in compact design
Regenerable microfilter in detail - compact design
Regenerable microfilter in detail - compact design
Regenerable microfilter compact system
Ein regenerierbarer Mikrofilter in kompakter Bauform

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