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Compact filter systems

precoat filter Compact system

The FAUDI precoat filter types AS, AST and ASG are available in compact design. They are therefore perfect for supplying individual machines and/or small machine units, for example for grinding and honing processes. They are also used in the filtration of industrial circulating water, synthetic solutions, oils and in surface treatment.

  • Areas of application: For example, in grinding and honing processes, in the filtration of industrial circulation water, synthetic solutions, oils and in surface treatment.
  • Customised adjustment of the filtration capacity from 50 l/min to 2,000 l/min can be achieved.
  • Practical skid versions are available depending on the design and filter size.

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Precoat filter compact system

Data and facts

  • Filtration & capacity

    up to 5 µm
    50 l/min to 2,000 l/min

  • Fluids

    Oils, machining emulsions, process water, electrolyte fluids

  • Filter material

    FAUDI cartridges in plastic and stainless steel

  • Filter area

    1,5 – 23 m² per filter dome

Economical & space-saving:

Your advantages with our compact solution


High flexibility

Our systems are suitable for a wide range of media and offer customised expansion options for different volume flows. We customise them precisely to your requirements, whether in terms of performance or design.


High sustainability

Our compact systems contribute to closed production cycles that are both more economical and more environmentally friendly. The long service life of our systems also contributes in this regard.


High quality

Our filtration systems are characterised by consistent filtrate quality, a long service life and simplified maintenance and servicing. They therefore achieve a high level of cost-benefit efficiency.


We will be happy to advise you on the ideal configuration for your requirements.

Design FAUDI precoat filter compact system- supply of single machines and small machine units, e.g. for grinding and honing processes
Design layout FAUDI precoat filter compact system

Design layout

Precoat filter compact system

The precoat filter compact system consists of the following components:

1. Filter vessel
2. Coolant tank (dirt and clean tank)
3. Pressure sludge filter with housing
4. Supply pump
5. Plate heat exchanger
6. WRL safety tank
7. Filter aid dosing unit
8. Precoat tank


Are you interested in a FAUDI precoat filter compact system and would like to know how the filter works? We would be happy to give you an insight into the principle of precoat filtration.

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  • Compact precoat filter system in the production hall
    Compact precoat filter system
  • FAUDI precoat filter system in compact design
    FAUDI precoat filter system in compact design

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