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A filtration solution for
phospholipids production

Filtrationslösung für Phospholipide Herstellung

Our client

Our customer is an internationally active manufacturer of a wide range of phospholipids. Phospholipids are used in the pharmaceutical industry, in food supplements and high-quality cosmetic products. For the protection of a gas chromatograph, our customer has relied for decades on individually tailored FAUDI sieve basket filters which serve as a carrier for a filter bed.

The filtration task

Ensuring the protection of a
Gas Chromatograph

During the production of ethanol from biomass, residual components and undesired by-products remain in the substance, which sensitively interfere with the processes in phospholipid production. In this particular case, our customer wants to protect a gas chromatograph from these unwanted components.

In addition to reliable filtration performance, which is ensured by a customised insert with filter fill, easy operation and quick accessibility of the filter insert in the interior are important to the customer.

As the filters are located in a pre-production stage for pharmaceutical products and food supplements, the filter housings must also be easily accessible for cleaning operations and easy to clean.

Customized filter for ethanol

Technical data

  • Type of filter

    FAUDI sieve basket filter type S21

  • Filter medium


  • Filtration fineness

    < 50 µm

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Filtrationslösung für Phospholipide Herstellung

Our solution in detail

Sieve basket filter Type 21

For the central function of the sieve basket filter, the filter insert was specially designed to accommodate a filter bed. This reliably removes unwanted components in the medium flow.

In order to provide the operating personnel with quick access to the filter interior, the housing flange connection was designed with eye bolts. Compared to a conventional flange connection, such a connection promises significantly shorter assembly times. This means that downtimes of the filter can be minimised.

Thanks to an optimised design of the filter interior and a mechanical surface treatment to produce a fine finish, the filter can be cleaned easily and professionally.

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Advantages with the FAUDI solution

Minimization of downtimes

A flange connection with eye bolts reduces assembly times and thus the downtimes of the filter.

Easy cleaning

Due to an optimal design of the interior and a mechanical surface treatment, an easy cleaning of the filter is possible.


Individual design

We offer an optimal solution for our customer’s specific problems through a precisely matched filter system.

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