Filtration technology- energy consultant measures values on a control cabinet of a filtration plant/system

Energy optimization

EASY & EFFICIENT ENERGY – Save up to 75% of your energy costs with us.

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Energy optimization. FAUDI employee measures the energy consumption with a device
Energy optimization

Energy optimization

Because environmental protection is in our DNA

Sensible energy management is essential today and everyone knows that energy efficiency is more than just a favor to the environment. In the field of filtration processes, the energy consumption of a filtration plant represents a significant cost factor. To help you better utilize your potentials, we have developed a concept for the energy optimization of your plants. Our FAUDI experts are able to check your FAUDI filter system as well as systems from other manufacturers and optimize them with regard to their energy use. This results in considerable savings in energy costs. In addition, the reduction of CO₂ is an important contribution to environmental protection.

In addition to the electrical energy and the resulting lower heat input in the medium, the reduction of compressed air consumption is decisive. Further advantages are reduced wear and maintenance as well as minimized noise. Financial support is provided by a subsidy program of the German Federal Office of Economics and Export Control.

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Why you profit with
easy & Efficient energy

Cost savings

Low energy costs due to reduced power consumption and reduced heat input in the medium.

Compressed air

Significant reduction in compressed air requirements through demand-based compressed air generation.

Maintenance and wear

Reduced wear and maintenance due to optimal adaptation of your filter system and use of high-quality components.

Support program

Financial support through BAFA funding program: We provide you with the necessary measurement data for application.

The Concept


  • EASY

    Recording of the current status, consultation of the work to be carried out with subsequent recording and measurement of the energy consumptions.


    Evaluation of all recorded measurement data and preparation of an energy saving concept as well as an offer for the implementation of measures.


    Together with you, we evaluate the energy saving concept as well as additional modernization options.

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Amortization of the investment is possible after 1-2 years. Our FAUDI service technicians will be happy to advise you.

Our Services

For optimal energy utilization

  • Verification of plant utilization and all relevant parameters.

  • Initial assessment of possible starting points for energy optimization.

  • Recording of current energy consumption, if necessary installation of additional measuring technology.

  • Evaluation of the measurement results for the application of the support program.

  • During data acquisition: inspection of the system for general condition.

  • Testing for end of life components, partial modernization, maintenance, possibility of remote maintenance and connection to IoT platform.

  • Receipt of a quotation for the optimization work as well as other modernization measures.

  • Application for the funding program and subsequent realization.

Consultation & Inquiry: Let´s optimize your energy consumption