Filtereinsatz Kantenspaltfilter / Slot-Type filter

Slot-type filters

Robust filter systems for extreme conditions.

Weißer Kantenspaltfilter mit blauen Details und kleinem Schaltschrank / Slot-Type filter
FAUDI Kantenspaltfilter

Automatic filters: slot-type filters
(t84, T87, T88)

Many procedural processes are governed by extreme process conditions, such as high temperatures or extreme requirements. These can be the handling of highly viscous media and adhering contaminants. Such conditions represent a major challenge for automatic filtration operations, which require a particularly resistant and robust solution. The FAUDI automatic filter series of slot-type filters offers a variety of modular solution possibilities which, in addition to a robust design, promise automatic cleaning without interrupting the filtration flow. We are able to complement our standard sizes in welded construction as needed with project-specific products using the ideal materials, cover sealing systems and controls – all tailored to your use case or the customer specifications, standards and norms required.



How does a
slot-Type filter work?

The medium which has to be filtered enters the dirt chamber through an inlet connection, flows through the slotted tube filter element from the outside to the inside and exits cleaned through the outlet connection. Carried contaminants whose particle size is above the specified gap width are retained on the smooth surface of the filter element. The dirt particles on the filter element increase the differential pressure between the dirty and clean sides. When the differential pressure is reached, which is set as the cleaning time, or after a time interval has elapsed, the rotation of the filter element (which can be manual or automatic) strips the dirt layer from the smooth surface of the slot-type tube via sharp-edged and spring-loaded cleaning devices. The cleaning process can be additionally supported by brushes and rinsing devices. The detached dirt sinks into the collection chamber and, depending on the quantity, can be discharged via the discharge nozzle in the lower tank area.

In the case of fully automatically operated slot-type filters, the filter is equipped with an electric geared motor and a driven drain valve. However, FAUDI slot type filters are also available as semi-automatic or manual versions.

Benefits: Your advantages
at a glance

  • Select from manual, semi or fully automatic cleaning
  • Continuous operation, no interruption
    of filtering during cleaning
  • Optional versions with additional
    brushes and rinsing nozzles
  • Robust filtration solution
  • Simple operation
  • Diverse application possibilities
  • Also suitable for highly viscous media, high temperatures and pressures

Data and facts


  • Filtration fineness

    30 µm – 5,000 µm

  • Fluids

    Water, oils, chemicals, paints, varnishes, juices, rapeseed oil, whey, frying oil

  • Filter material

    Slotted tube

  • Filtration capacity

    Depending on filter capacity, filter fineness and medium

Industries: Where they are used


Application areas: how they are used

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