KLIMAKRAFT research project:
treatment of sump


Refineries oil and gas


The X-Energy impulse project KLIMAKRAFT of HAW Hamburg is a pioneering research project dedicated to climate protection and the future of mobility. Its focus is on the development and optimization of an innovative process for the conversion of used fats into drop-in fuels, whereby our filters are used as part of the sump treatment.



The filtration task

Treatment of
sump/process residues from the conversion of used
fats into drop-in


In order to meet the filtration requirements for this project, we designed a slot-type filter for these special requirements. With this process, used fats are thermally cracked and deoxygenated. Depending on how the reactor system is operated, carbonaceous solids are produced which must be removed from the reactor system. We have therefore decided to pass the reactor contents through the FAUDI slot-type filter by means of a bypass system. In our slot-type filter, the solids in the suspension (sump) are concentrated and discharged, while the liquid components (sump oil) are fed back into the reactor.

Filtration system for sump treatment: TECHNICAL DATA

  • Type of filter

    Slot-type filter type 84

  • Filter medium


  • Filtration fineness

    100 µm

  • Flow rate

    0,75 m³/h

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Our solution in detail

Slot-type filter
With brush

Our customer’s research is based on the further development of the two-stage technology from the READi™-PtL project. In the first stage, bio-oils are obtained from residual and waste materials by thermochemical means. These bio-oils are then refined into liquid hydrocarbons in the second stage using hydrogenating hydrogen. The hydrogen required is produced by electrolyzing water with renewable electricity. This two-stage process belongs to the PtL (Power to Liquid) systems and offers potential for energy storage that stabilizes the power grid.

We have designed and manufactured a FAUDI slot-type filter in stainless steel for the treatment of sump within this process. It has a double cleaning device with an additional brush. Due to the high operating temperatures and the aggressive medium, we decided to use a high-temperature design for the rotating components.

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Advantages with the FAUDI solution

Circular economy

Processing the product sump with our slot-type filter leads to optimum recycling and helps to make waste-based fuels available for mobility.


Customized design

The slot-type filter was designed, manufactured and assembled as a pilot system individually according to the requirements of the research team and the extreme operating conditions.


Automatic filtration

Automatic filtration enables continuous and precise filtration. This leads to higher system availability and reduces maintenance requirements, which ultimately lowers operating costs.

What our customers say

As part of our research project, we had precise requirements for the pilot plant for sump treatment. FAUDI was able to implement these requirements very well and always provided us with competent advice.

Project impressions

Filtration of process residues with FAUDI slot-type filters.


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