Customised filters for
unloading tank wagons

Fahnen unseres Kunden PCK
Fahnen unseres Kunden PCK

Refineries/Oil & Gas


Our customer, PCK Raffinerie GmbH, is one of the top refineries in Europe. It produces around 20 different fuel qualities. As part of a new project for tank wagon unloading, the customer required customised filters for the unloading of crude oil (VGO) to supply its FCC plant. The customer approached us with this request and special technical requirements.

The filtration task

Tank wagon unloading with a customised filtration solution


When unloading crude oil from tank wagons, dirt particles from the tank wagon always get into the medium. To counteract the contamination of the medium, we have designed two special sieve basket filters.

Filtration systems for tank wagon unloading


  • Type of filter

    Sieve basket filter type 12

  • Filter medium

    Vacuum distillate

  • Filtration fineness

    1,5 mm

  • Flow rate

    max. 500 m³/h

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Siebkorbfilter mit Heizschlange für die Kesselwagen-Entladung
Siebkorbfilter mit Heizschlange für die Kesselwagen-Entladung

Our solution in detail

Sieve basket filter with heating coil

Our technical department designed two sieve basket filters according to the customer’s process engineering specifications. In particular, the local conditions had to be taken into account, which is why a heating coil was added to our sieve basket filter. Our team of experts adapted this heating coil to the design of the pressure vessel and the number of connecting steam lines. The geometry and connections of the sieve basket filters were adapted to the customer’s space requirements. One of the two sieve basket filters operates as the main filter. If this one is switched off for maintenance, the reserve filter comes into action. In this way, we guarantee continuous availability of filtration.

To our sieve basket filters


Added value

Our solution contributes to the added value of the PCK refinery by ensuring the basic capacity utilisation of its FCC plant.


Customised solution

By adding a complex heating coil, the three connection nozzles required by the customer were realised in order to prevent the medium from cooling down during operation.

Consistent availability

Our filters guarantee continuous filtration availability and help to ensure that six tank wagons can be unloaded at the same time with a volume flow of 200 m³/h.


This project was realised as quickly as possible with the support of FAUDI, the project team and the management. We would like to thank them for the exceptionally good cooperation.


  • Siebkorbfilter mit Heizschlange im Einsatz in einer Raffinerie
    Siebkorbfilter mit Heizschlange im Einsatz in einer Raffinerie
  • Projekt "Rostock Only"
    Projekt "Rostock Only"
  • Kesselwagen bei Raffinerie
    Kesselwagen bei Raffinerie

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