A Filter system for
steel machining


Filter system for machining castings, cars in production process
Filter system for machining castings

Automotive industry

Our customer

Our client, Bosch, a leading global automotive supplier known for innovation and quality in the automotive industry, required a highly efficient filter system for steel machining. The Bosch manufacturing facility in Wuxi, China, is one of the company’s most important facilities and specializes in the production of components for automotive systems.

The filtration task

A filter system for
the steel machining

The requirement for our customer’s filter system for steel machining is to extend the life cycle of the cooling lubricant used. When machining steel, including turning, drilling and milling, short broken chips are produced and these get into the cooling lubricant. To maintain the quality and efficiency of the manufacturing process, it is essential to remove these chips from the oil. In addition, a solution had to be developed that provides the coolant in four different feed quantities and four different media pressures.

Customized filter system for cooling lubricant

Technical data

  • Type of filter

    Vacuum filter
    type FUFAV 9/1500;
    Microfilter type KFF

  • Filter medium


  • Filtration fineness

    5 µm;
    30 µm

  • Flow rate
    • 120 l/min
    • 200 l/min
    • 200 l/min
    • 1,240 l/min

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Unterdruckfilteranlage-Kühlschmierstoffreinigung - filter system for steel machining

Our solution in detail

Vacuum filter system type FUF FUFAV 9/1500

We have designed a customized filtration solution: A vacuum filter system, also called a vacuum belt filter system, which was specially adapted to the individual requirements of Bosch in Wuxi.

The unique feature of this solution is that the cooling lubricant (oil) is supplied to the processing machines in four different flow rates and four different media pressures:

  • 120 l/min – 40 bar
  • 200 l/min – 80 bar
  • 200 l/min – 3.5 bar
  • 1,240 l/min – 12 bar

To provide Bosch with full flexibility in production planning, three different production modes were implemented. In addition, we were able to meet the customer’s requirements in terms of filter fineness by providing filters with 5 µm and 30 µm.

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Advantages with the FAUDI solution

Extended service life

Our filtration solution, in particular the FAUDI vacuum filter type FUF, efficiently removes chips from the oil, thus extending the service life of the cooling lubricant.


Flexibility in production

The possibility of providing the cooling lubricant in different flow rates and at different media pressures enables flexible production planning and adjustment.


Optimized filter fineness

The choice between 5 µm and 30 µm filter fineness meets Bosch’s specific requirements and ensures efficient cooling lubricant cleaning.

What our customers say

“With our customized filtration solution from FAUDI, we can not only increase quality and efficiency in steel machining, but also extend the service life of the cooling lubricant, which contributes to significant cost savings and more sustainable production. Moreover, we are especially satisfied with the flexibility the system offers us in terms of our production planning.”

Project Impressions

Our filter system for steel machining.

  • Unterdruckfilteranlage-Kühlschmierstoffreinigung
  • Kühlschmierstoffaufbereitung-Bandfilteranlage-Unterdruckfilter
  • Filtration-Kühlschmierstoff-Unterdruckfilteranlage
  • KSS-Reinigung-Vakuumbandfilteranlage
  • Filtervlies-Unterdruckfilteranlage-Kuehlschmierstoff-Filtration
  • Filtervlies-Bandfilteranlage-Kuehlschmierstoffreinigung
  • Kuehlschmierstoffreinigung-Unterdruckfilteranlage-FUF
  • Unterdruckfilteranlage-Kühlschmierstoffreinigung - filter system for steel machining

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