Cooling Lubricant cleaning
with a vacuum filter system


Automotive supply industry

A solution for
cooling lubricant cleaning

For the cleaning of cooling lubricants and the supply of machine tools in the production of components for automotive engineering, FAUDI has developed a filtration solution for the largest automotive supplier in the world: A vacuum filter system, also called a vacuum belt filter system, which was tailored to the customer´s individual requirements.

In terms of the material that the customer processes, it is steel, which is turned, drilled and milled. This produces short broken chips. In order to give the cooling lubricant used, in this case oil, a longer life cycle, the chips produced must be removed from the oil. Our FAUDI vacuum filter type FUF offers the perfect solution in the field of cooling lubricant cleaning.

The special feature of this filtration solution is that the cooling lubricant (oil) is supplied to the processing machines in four different flow rates and four different media pressures: 120 l/min – 40 bar; 200 l/min – 80 bar; 200 l/min – 3.5 bar; 1,240 l/min – 12 bar.

In order to provide the customer with full flexibility in production planning, three production modes have been implemented. In terms of filter fineness, the customer had two different requirements, which we were able to meet with 5 µm and with 30 µm.

We will be happy to advise you on which solution in the field of cooling lubricant cleaning is best for your application.

Technical data

  • Type of filter

    Vacuum filter
    type FUFAV 9/1500;
    Microfilter type KFF

  • Filter medium


  • Filtration fineness

    5 µm;
    30 µm

  • Flow rate
    • 120 l/min
    • 200 l/min
    • 200 l/min
    • 1,240 l/min

Find the perfect
filtration solution

We will be happy to advise you and offer customized filtration technology for your filtration task.

Project Impressions

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