Sieve cylinder filters

Sieve cylinder filters (S13 and S26)

Standard and inline

Sieve cylinder filters are ideal for coarse and fine filtration. They offer maximal filter surface area by using sieve cylinders arranged in parallel which can be equipped with either a wire woven mesh or a filter bag. The fundamental concept behind the sieve cylinder filter makes it primarily suitable for filtration of low-viscosity media and gases with a higher contaminant content or lower filtration finenesses.
We are able to complement our standard sizes with their welded construction as needed with specially made products tailored to your use case, for example, with custom shapes and dimensions, other levels of filtration fineness and other materials.

Application areas

  • Suitable for use as a pipeline filter and process filter for aqueous media, crude oil and finished products
  • Protection for pipelines, instruments, pumps and nozzle assemblies
  • Suitable for use as a bag filter and resin/material trap

Filtration capacity

This is dependent on the filter size and the filter medium.
Filtration capacities from 25 m³/h to 5,000 m³/h are possible.

Data and facts

  • S26: Inlet and outlet with height offset, S13: Inlet and outlet at same height
  • Filtration fineness: 1 µm –  5,000 µm
  • Fluids: Low-viscosity media and gases
  • Filter material: Sieve basket with/without woven mesh of stainless steel, filter bag

Your advantages at a glance

  • Greater volumetric flow rates as compared to sieve basket filters with the same dimensions
  • Connections at same height in the inline version
  • Robust and user friendly
  • Large filtration surface areas yield high contaminant holding capacities and long service lives
  • Easy insert replacement due to low weight of the sieve cylinder
  • Can also be equipped with a filter bag if desired
  • Double-filter version is possible