Filtration of grinding oil in a grinding process

precoat filter system

Automotive industry

A Compact precoat filter system
for the filtration of grinding oil

Did you already know that we also offer compact systems, like this compact precoat filter system as well as subcomponents?

For our customer, who manufactures high-precision grinding machines for the metalworking industry, we have developed a FAUDI filter system consisting of the following components to ensure an availability of 99%:

FAUDI precoat filter, FAUDI magnetic separator, FAUDI filter aid dosing unit, FAUDI pressure sludge filter, two machine supply pumps (one main pump, one reserve pump), chiller with a cooling capacity of 160 kW and a leakage tank acc. to WHG.

The components manufactured by our customer are racks for electric power steering systems for a major automotive manufacturer.

Technical Details

  • Type of filter

    Precoat filter type AS 23
    Magnetic separator type MA 160

  • Filter medium

    Grinding oil

  • Filtration fineness

    10-20 µm

  • Volume flow

    1,200 l/min

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Project Impressions

Compact precoat filter system in the production hall
Compact precoat filter system