Wasseraufbereitung FAUDI Filtersysteme

Water treatment in energy production

Our cost-efficient and resource-saving filter solutions for the energy sector.

Reliable filtration in the energy sector

Challenges of filtration and separation in power plants

Water management is an essential part of energy production that creates numerous challenges for energy producers. Water treatment must meet high technical standards, be cost-efficient in the long term and comply with strict environmental regulations. Our customisable filtration solutions cover all areas of water treatment in different branches of energy production and meet the highest quality standards. From the treatment of influent water for thermal power plants, the filtration of particles in coal power plants to the cleaning of cooling water – FAUDI filters address every point in your water cycle and offer a perfect solution for your company.

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Water filtration by Faudi

This is what our water filters can do for you in energy production


By using our filters, you can meet the strict environmental requirements for water quality and reduce your ecological impact through circulation.

Cost efficiency

Our innovative filters operate energy-efficiently and ensure low water consumption through water recycling, to the benefit of the environment and economy.


Highest quality

With our expertise in the energy sector, we offer you high-quality, technically innovative, customised solutions for water treatment.

Are you looking for the right filters?

We will be glad to provide you with advice on the selection of water filters suitable for you in energy production.

Siebzylinderfilter mit FAUDI Logo -Rendering_Schnitt

Faudi Sieve cylinder filters

Our solution for the separation of liquids and gases

Sieve cylinder filters are used for the filtration of more heavily contaminated liquid media and gases. They are equipped with several sieve cylinders and thus offer a large filter surface. In the energy sector, for example, they can be used for the filtration of carbon particles and as protective filters. We can also add special designs to our standard configuration so that you can use the filter system for other filter finenesses and materials. You are welcome to contact us for more information.

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Faudi Sieve basket filters

Our solution for coarse and pre-filtration

Sieve basket filters are designed for the coarse filtration of contaminated water in the production process. The contaminants are retained in the filter basket and the resulting change in pressure also allows the degree of contamination to be measured. In refineries, they are mainly used for pre-filtration or as protective filters, for example for pipes, pumps or measuring devices. We would be happy to advise you on which of our basket filters is most suitable for you and where you can use it.

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FAUDI Rückspülfilter-RSF Typ 30
FAUDI Rückspülfilter-RSF Typ 30

Faudi Backflush filters

Our solution for the filtration of lubricants and oils

Backflush filters are ideal for the filtration of all liquids that are not water-miscible, such as cooling lubricants and oils. Due to the use of several filter cartridges, they do not require any filter aids and are self-cleaning. If one filter cartridge is too dirty, the backwash is activated and the dirt is drained off; meanwhile, the other cartridges are used. The number of filters can be individually adapted to the application. If you have any questions, please contact us. We will be happy to advise you on which configuration is best suited for which filtration task.

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Kerzenfilter mit Schnitt, sodass die Filterkerzen im Inneren gesehen werden können.
FAUDI Mikrofilter-Rendering_Schnitt_

Faudi cartridge filters (Type C34)

Our solution for fine filtration

Cartridge/candle filters are frequently used across all industries when fine to very fine particles have to be filtered. The name is derived from the shape of the filters, which are similar to a candle. They are suited for surface filtration as well as for depth filtration in gas and oil production. Since the structural design can be individually adapted for a wide range of filtering tasks, particle sizes, temperatures and dirt-holding capacities, it is the right choice for many applications.

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Application areas: Our filter solutions for water treatment in power plants

  • Cooling water & boiler feed water cleaning
  • Filtration of inflow water
  • Solid-liquid separation of production water
  • Filtration of sealing water (turbine bearings)

Application examples: Projects in the energy sector

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