Filtration of grinding oil in a grinding process

precoat filter system

Filtration of grinding oil in a grinding process
Filtration of grinding oil in a grinding process

Metal processing industry

Our client

Our customer, Erwin Junker Maschinenfabrik GmbH, is a company in the metalworking industry that manufactures high-precision grinding machines.


The filtration task

A compact filter system

The challenge was to develop a reliable and efficient filtration solution for grinding oil. The grinders are crucial for the production of racks used in electric power steering systems for a leading car manufacturer, Volkswagen.

Technical Details

  • Type of filter

    Precoat filter type AS 23
    Magnetic separator type MA 160

  • Filter medium

    Grinding oil

  • Filtration fineness

    10-20 µm

  • Volume flow

    1,200 l/min

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Our solution in detail

An individual compact filter system

Our solution consists of a complete FAUDI compact filter system that includes several key components. These include a FAUDI precoat filter, a FAUDI magnetic separator, a FAUDI filter medium dosing unit, a FAUDI pressurised sludge filter, two supply pumps, a refrigerating machine with 160 kW cooling capacity and a leakage tank in accordance with the Water Resources Act (WHG).

This carefully configured unit ensures an impressive 99% availability.

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Advantages with the FAUDI solution

Highest quality level

Thanks to this customised compact filter system, our customer can ensure that the grinding oil used in his grinding machines is always maintained at the highest quality level.

Space saving

Due to the deliberately chosen compact design of the system, our customer also benefits from considerable space savings in his production environment.

Efficient production process

Our solution not only enabled first-class product quality, but also higher availability of the production plant, which further increased the efficiency and profitability of the production process.

What our customers say

“FAUDI has not only satisfied us, but also our customer with the invidual precoat filter compact system.”

Project Impressions

Our filter system for the filtration of grinding oil at the end customer.

Compact precoat filter system in the production hall
Compact precoat filter system

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