Wasseraufbereitung FAUDI Filtersysteme

Water treatment in the oil and gas industry

Filtration in refineries – our solutions for the treatment of process and injection water.

Reliable filtration in oil and gas production

Challenges of filtration and separation in refineries

The extraction of crude oil and natural gas produces different types of wastewater that must be filtered before it can be reused or discharged. One necessary application of water treatment in refineries deals with extraction water. The reservoirs themselves contain large amounts of water from which the crude oil must be separated. After separating oil from water using oil separators, this excess water can be re-injected into the ground as injection water to facilitate extraction. Depending on the process, the condensation and distillation processes also produce contaminated cooling water or wastewater from distillate purification. The cleaning of hydrocarbons also produces wastewater, so-called wash water, which contains residues of oil. FAUDI filters for water treatment in the oil and gas industry offer the right solution for all production wastewater.

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Water filtration by Faudi

This is what our water filters can do for you in oil and gas production


Our industrial water treatment filters remove residues of oil and other substances from wastewater so you can reuse it as clean water in production or discharge it. Water recycling minimises your water consumption.

Cost efficiency

Efficient oil separation ensures that you extract the maximum amount of oil from the extraction water and wastewater. So you not only clean the water, but also maximise your return.


Integrated solutions

With our expertise in the oil and gas industry, we offer you solutions from a single source – for water treatment and all other filtration required in your production process.

Looking for the right filters?

We will be happy to assist you in selecting the most suitable water filters for you in gas and oil production.

FAUDI Koaleszer/Abscheider im Querschnitt
FAUDI Koaleszer/Abscheider im Querschnitt

Faudi coalescers

Our solution for the separation of liquid-liquid dispersions

Coalescers are designed to separate different liquids from each other. In the oil industry, for example, they are used for dewatering diesel or separating oil from production water. To do this, the coalescence separator makes use of the differences in density, viscosity and interfacial tension of the liquids to be separated. Although the coalescer is primarily a separator, it can also be used for filtration, depending on the configuration – so there are many different areas of application for water treatment in your company.

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Faudi Sieve basket filters

Our solution for coarse and pre-filtration

Sieve basket filters are useful for the coarse filtration of contaminated water in the production process. The contaminants are retained in the filter basket and the resulting change in pressure also allows the degree of contamination to be measured. In refineries, they are mainly used for pre-filtration or as protective filters, for example for pipes, pumps or measuring devices. Let us recommend you which of our sieve basket filters is the most suitable for you and where you can use it most efficiently.

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Kerzenfilter mit Schnitt, sodass die Filterkerzen im Inneren gesehen werden können.
FAUDI Mikrofilter-Rendering_Schnitt_

Faudi cartridge filters (Type C34)

Our solution for fine filtration

Cartridge/candle filters are frequently chosen across all industries when fine to very fine particles need to be filtered. The name is derived from the shape of the filters, which are reminiscent of a candle. They are suitable for both surface filtration and depth filtration in gas and oil production. Since the structural design can be individually adapted for a wide range of filtering tasks, particle sizes, temperatures and dirt-holding capacities, it is useful for many applications.

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Application areas: Our filter solutions for water treatment in refineries

  • Filtration of extraction water
  • Cleaning of cooling water
  • Treatment of the wash water
  • Filtration in distillation and condensation processes

Application examples: Projects in the oil and gas industry

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