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Water Treatment in the
automotive industry

Our diverse filter solutions for water in the automotive industry.

Reliable water filtration in the automotive industry

Challenges in water treatment for car manufacturers and suppliers

The tasks of water treatment in the automotive industry are diverse. Large quantities of water are needed and contaminated both in the treatment of metal surfaces, in painting and in various washing processes. In water management, the high competitive pressure of the automotive industry and thus cost efficiency and profitability play a major role. At the same time, sustainability and the lowest possible water consumption as well as occupational health and safety are also important issues. Our high-quality filter systems for water treatment can be individually adapted to the specific needs of car manufacturers and suppliers, contribute significantly to the saving of resources and support you in compliance with the applicable requirements. Find the right solution for your automotive company with FAUDI water filter systems.

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Water filtration by Faudi

This is what our water filter systems can do for you in the automotive industry


By treating water with FAUDI filter systems, a large part of the used water can be returned to the cycle – so you save natural resources and work cost-efficiently.


Wide range of applications

We provide you with solutions from a single source for all water filtration tasks in automotive manufacturing. From vibratory finishing waste water to degreasing baths and washing water.


Highest quality

Our innovative water filter systems correspond to the highest standards and ensure that you work both ecologically and competitively. At the same time, FAUDI systems can be customised to meet your needs.

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Faudi inclined belt filters

Our solution for cleaning low-viscosity liquids

Inclined belt filters are designed for the treatment of all types of wash water and other aqueous media. Depending on the configuration – with nonwoven or endless plastic belt – they can be used for the filtration of different particle sizes. Accordingly, there are many areas of application for water treatment in the automotive and supplier industry.

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Schwerkraftbandfilter mit FAUDI Logo freistehend grau Hintergrund

Faudi Gravity belt filters

Our solution for cleaning a wide range of liquids

Gravity belt filters are also widely used in the separation of solid particles from liquids. To do this, they make use of gravity, which guides the contaminated water through the nonwoven. In the automotive industry, for example, they are ideal for the filtration of vibratory finishing wastewater in surface treatment or for cleaning degreasing and paint removal baths. We would be happy to advise you on which of our filters is most suitable for you and where you can use them effectively.

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Querschnitt eines Unterdruckfilters / Vakuumbandfilters
Querschnitt eines Unterdruckfilters

Faudi vacuum filters

Our solution for filtration of various waters

Vacuum filters can be used in many ways, for example for the filtration of metal chips and other particles from the rinsing water or of oils and greases from the degreasing baths. Since the design can be individually adapted for a wide range of separation areas and filter capacities, it is ideal for many applications in the automotive industry.

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Rückspülfilter mit FAUDI Logo, freistehend
Rückspülfilter FAUDI

Faudi backflush filters

Our solution for the filtration of lubricants and oils

Backflush filters are not only suitable for the filtration of all water-miscible or non-water-miscible cooling lubricants or oils, but are also designed for use in water treatment. Thanks to the good separation efficiency of their filter elements, backflush filters do not require filter aids. If the filter elements are contaminated, backflushing of the elements is triggered and the dirt particles are discharged. As the filter elements are cleaned individually, the remaining elements are still available for the filtration cycle so that the supply of cleaned medium is permanently guaranteed. The required filter area can be precisely adapted to the respective application by means of the number of filter elements used. We will be happy to advise you on the most suitable configuration for your filtration task.

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Application areas: Our filter solutions for water
treatment in the automotive sector

  • Recycling of the process
  • Treatment of waste water in the painting and sanding process
  • Pollutant filtration of the production water
  • Filtration of paint-damaging substances

Application examples: Projects in the automotive sector

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