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Cooling lubricant treatment in the aviation industry

Filtration systems for the aerospace and aviation industry.

Solutions for cooling lubricant filtration

Our know-how to optimise your value creation in the aerospace and aviation industry

In the aerospace and aviation industry, various filtration tasks arise in the course of metal processing, especially in the preparation and cleaning of cooling lubricant. Our products offer the perfect solution for the aerospace industry. With the help of FAUDI filters and separators and our comprehensive consulting services, you can optimise your processes and ensure resource-saving environmental management.

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Cooling lubricant filtration by Faudi

This is what our filter solutions can do for you in the aerospace and aviation industry


Our filters support you in establishing a closed production cycle. With our separators and filter solutions, you feed cooling lubricants back into the production process.


Highest quality

To meet the high quality standards in the aerospace and aviation industry, we also apply the highest quality standards to our products. Our consulting and training services support you during implementation.


Integrated solutions

FAUDI offers you solutions for various filtration tasks in metal processing from a single source. In addition, our products can be individually adapted to your specific needs in the aerospace and aviation industry.

Are you looking for the right filter system solution?

If you need advice on the selection of a special filter system for cleaning cooling lubricants in the aerospace and aviation industry, we will be pleased to help you.

Application areas

Our services for the metalworking aerospace and aviation industry

  • Coarse and pre-filtration
  • Fine filtration
  • Separation of grinding oil
  • Consulting, engineering, training
Cross section of a vacuum filter
Cross section of a vacuum filter

Faudi vacuum filters

Our solution in the field of cutting

Vacuum filters, are primarily used for the treatment of cooling lubricants. They are suitable for cleaning cutting, grinding and rolling oils, emulsions and aqueous solutions. Since the design can be individually adapted for a wide variety of separation ranges and filtration finenesses, they are useful for many applications in the aviation industry.

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Rückspülfilter FAUDI
Rückspülfilter FAUDI

Faudi backflush filters

Our solution for the filtration of emulsions and oils

Backflush filters are ideal for the filtration of water-miscible and non-water-miscible cooling lubricants such as emulsions and oils. Due to the use of several filter cartridges, they do not require any filter aids and clean themselves. If one filter cartridge is too dirty, the backwash is activated and the dirt is drained off; meanwhile, the other cartridges are used. The number of filters can be individually adapted to the application, so that different filtrate qualities can be achieved in one system. We will be pleased to consult you on which configuration is best suited for which filtration task.

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FAUDI briquetting press
FAUDI briquetting press

FAUDI Briquetting presses

Our solution for processing all types of metal chips

Briquetting presses for metal chips and grinding sludge ensure optimum recovery of valuable cooling lubricants with our customised filtration systems. In this way, expensive production residues are converted into usable secondary raw materials in the aviation industry. FAUDI briquetting presses are an excellent addition to your filtration technology in aviation. Let us assist you in deciding which combination of filter and chip or sludge treatment system best completes your applications.

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Gravity belt filter with FAUDI logo grey background for cleaning of liquids
FAUDI gravity belt filter

Faudi Gravity belt filters

Our solution for cleaning cooling lubricants

Gravity belt filters are also widely applied in the separation of solid particles from liquids. To do this, they make use of gravity, which guides the contaminated water through the nonwoven. In the aviation industry, for example, they are ideal for the filtration of liquids in cutting operations or for cleaning degreasing and paint removal baths. We would be happy to advise you on which of our filters are most suited to your applications and in which areas you can use them effectively.

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Application examples : Projects in the aviation industry and other metalworking industries

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