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Cooling lubricant treatment in the automotive industry

Filtration systems for the automotive and supplier industry.

Solutions for the filtration of cooling lubricant

Optimising your added value in the metalworking and machining process

The automotive industry faces many specific challenges. Production should be both cost-efficient and sustainable, the just-in-time principle demands optimised processes and various types of filtration tasks arise. Cooling lubricants are used everywhere where production takes place and must be permanently prepared and cleaned. FAUDI offers a wide range of products for the automotive industry and its suppliers in the field of “cooling lubricant treatment”. From pre-filtration to fine filtration of the smallest particles and oil separation, our high-quality products support you in many ways in process optimisation.

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Cooling lubricant treatment by FAUDI

This is what we can do for you in the metalworking automotive and supplier industry


With FAUDI filters, you give your water-mixed cooling lubricants a long life cycle. In addition, our water treatment also helps to establish the most resource-saving production possible.


Process optimisation

Competitive pressure in the automotive industry is high. Our products and services help you comply with legal regulations, increase productivity and reduce your operating costs at the same time. Our consulting additionally supports you in optimising your production process.


Integrated solutions

FAUDI solves a wide range of tasks in metal processing and filtration, and develops systems that optimally support your value creation. Whether in the manufacturing of ball bearings, valves, gears, brakes and fittings or in metal surface treatment, we offer you the right product for every filtration task.

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We will be happy to advise you on the selection of the right filter systems for cleaning cooling lubricants in the automotive industry.

Application areas

Our services in the metalworking automotive industry

  • Oil skimming
  • Pre-filtration of cooling lubricants
  • Fine filtration of cooling lubricants
  • Consulting, engineering, training

Application examples: Projects in the automotive industry

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