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Cooling lubricant treatment in the rolling mill and steel industry

FAUDI system solutions for filtration and separation.

Solutions for the filtration of cooling lubricant

Our know-how to optimise your value creation in the rolling mill and steel industry

In the rolling mill and steel industry, a number of filtration tasks arise in the course of metal processing. Ferritic contaminations and rolling wear must be removed from the cooling lubricants, and rolling oils and emulsions must be filtered. With the help of FAUDI filter systems and our expert advice, you can optimise your processes in the area of cooling lubricant cleaning and ensure resource-saving environmental management.

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Cooling lubricant filtration by Faudi

This is what our solutions can do for you in the rolling mill and steel industry


Our filters support you in establishing a closed production cycle. With our separators and filter solutions, you increase the service life of your cooling lubricants in the rolling process.


Highest quality

In order to comply with the high quality standards in the rolling mill and steel industry, we also apply the highest quality standards to our products. Our consulting and training services support you during implementation. “Total cost of ownership” (TCO) is an important benchmark for our engineers in their project planning work.


Integrated solutions

FAUDI offers you solutions for different filtration tasks in the field of cooling lubricant cleaning from a single source. Individual configurations and systems are put together for a wide range of materials (e.g. steel, copper, titanium). Whether for rolling oils or emulsions.

Looking for the right filter system solution?

We will be pleased to support you in the selection of suitable filter systems for the cleaning of rolling oil and cooling lubricant in the rolling mill and steel industry.

Application areas

Our services for metal processing steel production

  • Filtration of particles and rolling wear from cooling lubricants and rolling oils
  • Protection against excessive roll wear
  • Filtration in periferous processes such as roll preparation, heat and surface treatment, etc.
  • Consulting, engineering, installation, training

Application examples: Projects in the steel and rolling mill industry

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We will be glad to consult you on which of our products can support you in your cooling lubricant filtration.