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Downstream Filtration
for refineries

Filtration solutions for downstream refining of oil and gas.

Reliable filtration for downstream refining

For long equipment life and a clean production process

Filtration tasks in the downstream area of oil and gas production are just as wide-ranging as in the upstream area. In downstream filtration, contaminants must be removed as far as possible to ensure clean feed lines and consequently a long service life of the main plants. Tasks in this area include biogas filtration, amine cleaning or sour gas removal, hydrogen treatment and liquid-gas separation. FAUDI offers filtration or separation solutions for all these processes, which can be individually adapted to your application.

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This is what our filter systems can do for you in downstream filtration


Our filtration solutions installed downstream of the extraction process help to extend the service life of plants and reduce emissions – for example, by removing acid gases and sulfur. This is beneficial for your business and protects the environment.

Cost saving

By means of filtration, you achieve longer service life of your equipment and high quality of your products and avoid downtimes. This pays off economically – in the short and long term.


High quality

Our high-quality filter systems are reliable and ensure that your production process runs smoothly and that your company meets quality and environmental standards. In addition, our solutions are customizable to your needs.

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We will be glad to support you in selecting the most effective filter systems for your gas and oil production – whether in downstream filtration or in upstream processes.

Downstream filtration processes

Filtration and separation in the downstream area ensures the quality of the oil or gas in a wide variety of processing operations and ensures that supply lines and main plants are protected. The areas of application for filter systems and separators are numerous.

One downstream task is hydroprocessing. The higher-level process term includes various catalytic processes. Examples include hydrocracking and hydrotreating (also called hydrodesulfurization), which remove sulfur, nitrogen, oxygen and metals from fuels. These processes are particularly important when low sulfur fuels need to be produced. Easily adaptable, automatically cleanable modular filter systems are suitable for filtration in these processes.

Further tasks arise in biogas production. Biogas consists mainly of methane and carbon dioxide, but also impurities and moisture. To optimize biogas production and remove unwanted impurities, filtration and liquid separation are essential in the production process. Here, among other things, sieve cylinder filters and coalescers are used.

In amine cleaning and acid gas removal, so-called Acid Gas Removal Units (AGRU) are applied to ensure consistently high refinery fuel gas quality and low refinery emissions, in addition to removing particles and acid gases. Activated charcoal adsorbers and cartridge filters are used in this process.

In addition, there are tasks of liquid gas separation, for which coalescers are particularly suitable, as well as for refinery end products, which achieve a high quality before storage and transport by means of slot-type filters.

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  • Biofuel solutions
  • Amine systems for refineries
  • Solutions for refinery end products
  • Hydroprocessing in refineries
  • Liquid-gas separation



We will be glad to recommend you which of our filter solutions for oil and gas will bring your project forward.